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Explore is pleased to offer email notifications regarding high flow in Alberta. This can be used to determine if your pipeline areas might be affected by heavy rainfalls. High flow can lead to waterway bank disruption, erosion, sloughing or scour. When the above and other bank disruption occurs over or around a pipeline water crossing the chance of a depth of cover failure or pipeline exposure increases. Pipeline leakages can lead to high cost property damage and high impact environmental damage. If you would like to stay up to date to date regarding high flow in water bodies that could effect your pipelines, please sign up for our mailing list below!

Explore is a professional land surveying firm & asset integrity company founded in 2008. Our focus on safety, integrity, and customer service ensures high-quality results while minimizing your project costs and completion times. Our integrity division builds on the success of our well established full scale land surveying division. This segment of our company is an industry leader in delivering full scale surveying services including superior depth of cover pipeline inspections to the oil and gas industry.  We are a pioneer and industry leader in this regard with more than 20,000 water crossings completed.


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Jesse Toth - Manager, Depth Of Cover

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Sarah Sparling-Lee - Pipeline Integrity Specialist

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John McIver, Senior Pipeline Integrity Engineer

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Bob Prieston, Manager, Asset Integrity

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