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One-Call is a management service Explore has created with the support of producers and regulatory bodies in Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia to help alleviate the burden of managing the “Call Before You Dig” ticket process for ground disturbance.This exists as a two-part service;

1. Compliance Assurance

2. Pre-Screening

We apply a proven process to set up and maintain our clients’ information with all the stakeholders that are necessary for compliance with Alberta Pipeline Regulations for pipeline registration with Alberta One Call.

One-Call Pre-Screening implements industry leading techniques and processes to safely determine proximity of the exact dig location to your valuable underground assets. Alberta One-Call distributes notifications with a minimum of a 400m sensitivity, while our techniques bring accuracy to within 50m and address individual pipeline control zones. Our service is 24/7 so you can be assured that your assets are in good hands around the clock.

As you may have seen, the AER is scrutinizing producers under section 59 of the Pipeline Regulations which reads, “Every licensee shall register with the Alberta One-Call service and shall register every licensed pipeline with Alberta One-Call regardless of the operational status of the pipeline…”.

The AER acts as a regulator and enforcer for oil and gas operations and has begun to take a proactive stance in ensuring all companies have their assets properly registered with Alberta One-Call. If assets are not properly registered, this is considered “high-risk non-compliance” and the AER has the ability to both issue fines, as well as suspend operations until compliance is achieved. This is especially important when acquisitions or divestitures occur. OneCall Manager™ Pre-Screening provides a holistic approach to achieving compliance with respect to ground disturbances in Alberta.


  • Expedite becoming a registered member of Alberta One-Call.

  • Ensure your pipeline infrastructure is properly registered and verified with Alberta One-Call.

  • Receive third party processing, screening, and administrative support for ground disturbance notifications issued by Alberta One-Call.


One-Call Pre-screening is a process driven by industry best practices. When notifications are received, our ticket screening technicians will be hard at work establishing direct contact with the contractor who placed the request.

This information is then compiled and cross referenced with registered pipeline information, and proximity to underground assets is determined.

A detailed recommendation is provided to the client with all available information combined into a single package which is distributed to the client for final approval.

Where locates are required, Explore will coordinate with the locator to ensure that the information is properly received.

Where locates are not required, once approved by the operator, Explore will follow up with the contractor on your behalf and ensure all their questions are answered and that they have the appropriate documentation to begin their work.


Starts with an initial data audit for verification.

Monthly Reporting provides an auditable Ticket Summary report so you can review and have a record of ALL the tickets received into OneCall Manager™.

Multiple-data sources are reviewed monthly to track any changes to your pipeline infrastructure which need to be updated with Alberta One-Call.

Ad-hoc updates are able to be prepared to register pipelines RIGHT AWAY.

For Lines under 50m; they are covered in our buffering process, or manually entered during the Q and A with the client.



Industry leading Pre-Screening processes.

Extensive audit trail stored for 7-years (5 years longer than the required 2).

Hierarchy driven distribution protocol to minimize administrative burden.

Monthly awareness of all changing pipeline information.

Multiple data sources ensure data is correct.


Satellite imagery and detailed, easy to understand, ticket information packages.

Client follow-up and detailed e-mail content saves operators time in the field and allows them to remain focused on their daily operations.

24/7 customer support line.

All in flat fee pricing.



Location accuracy is vital, and Explore is suitably trained to allow us to locate underground facilities for the purpose of ground disturbances. Our procedure is as follows;

  1. Review up to date survey drawings for the area.

  2. Obtain line list for line in the ground disturbance area.

  3. Notify and confirm with landowners of any unmarked or unregistered underground obstacles or utilities.

  4. At least 48 hours notice must also be given in writing to all foreign companies within 30 m of the edge of the ROW before entry or ground disturbance activities are to take place. Note: At least 72 hours is required for NEB facilities.

  5. Explore must do a title search for all effected pipelines in the ground disturbance area.

  6. Perform electronic line location for underground facilities and utilities.

  7. The most accurate method is the direct conductive method (clamp onto the pipeline being identified). If this is not possible, electronically sweep the area using the four-separate grid pattern method (north/south, east/west and angular in both directions).

  8. A strip of land 30 m wide on each side of a pipeline or the distance from the pipeline to the edge of the ROW whichever is wider, must be swept and confirmed as the “Safety Zone.” Federal Regulations state a “Safety Zone” as 30 m from edge of ROW regardless of the width of the ROW.

  9. Stake all electronically located lines using color coding

  10. On Site Supervisor must verify all lines with Explore before leaving the area.

For locating services, please contact:

Derek Leiman - Crew Manager / Pipeline Integrity Coordinator

(587) 333-0006

Click here to email Derek

Darren Cobick, Vice-President

(587) 818-5063

Click here to email Darren

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