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With the ever-increasing spotlight on pipelines, licensees are feeling more and more pressure to ensure their pipeline systems are operating within the requirements set forth by the Regulators.  With Explore’s expert team of Pipeline Integrity Specialists we are here to help alleviate those pressures.

Our regulatory team of experts have over 25 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. Our team members have been working with pipeline regulations for the past 15 years and have a thorough and strong understanding of the requirements.  We comprehend that responding to non-compliances is often complex and a repetitive process that requires technical and compliance expertise.  Communication as a team about compliance issues and the options to resolve them is fundamental to ensuring the best approach and outcomes.

Explore forms connections between regulators and licensees to reduce the risk of further non-compliances, administrative sanctions, penalties, suspension of operations, which in turn may create project delays and loss of revenue.

With a strong team, we stand ready to support you with your regulatory requirements.

(Integrity Always Leads to Beautiful Rewards)
Explore has a variety of regulatory services available including:
  • Pipeline License Applications/Amendments

  • License Transfer Applications

  • Pipeline Notifications

    • ​Construction

    • Pressure Test

    • Liner Installation

    • Maintenance Activities

  • Transfer of Pipeline Records

  • Pipeline Audits

    • Detailed Operations Inspection Audits

    • Integrity Management Program Audits

    • License Amendment Audits

  • Safety and Loss Management System Audits

    • Gap Analysis (to API 1173 and CSA Z662-15)

    • Self-Assessment Declaration

  • Development of Safety and Loss Management System

  • Voluntary Self-Disclosures

  • Regulatory Responses

    • Abandonment Plans

    • Failures

    • Investigations

    • Orders

Explore is a professional land surveying firm & asset integrity company founded in 2008. Our focus on safety, integrity, and customer service ensures high-quality results while minimizing your project costs and completion times. Our integrity division builds on the success of our well established full scale land surveying division. This segment of our company is an industry leader in delivering full scale surveying services including superior depth of cover pipeline inspections to the oil and gas industry.  We are a pioneer and industry leader in this regard with more than 20,000 water crossings completed.


Ready to partner with the most accurate and efficient asset integrity specialists in the industry? Contact us today to discuss your project. 




Michele Mielnik - Pipeline Integrity Specialist

(587) 842-5065

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Aris Argyriou - Pipeline Integrity Specialist

(587) 317-8479

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Bob Prieston, Manager, Asset Integrity

(639) 398-2081

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John McIver, Senior Pipeline Integrity Engineer

(587) 355-5455

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Bruce Corrigal - Pipeline Integrity Specialist

(587) 355-4985

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Katie Welter, E.I.T  - Junior Pipeline Integrity Engineer

(639) 398-2082

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