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Explore offers industry leading pipeline water crossing management services based upon 10 years of experience and 20,000 individual pipeline water crossing field inspections. Explore’s water crossing management services are built on a foundation of experience and supported by our uniquely developed methodologies and fully integrated service offering. Explore employs a risk-based approach in which crossing related risks are continually assessed based upon up-to-date regulatory, operational, and field collected details. At Explore, we have your water crossings in mind from the earliest stages of planning and development until the end-of-lifecycle stages of removal or abandonment.


Safety and protection of the public, our crews, the environment, and the assets around which we work takes precedence at Explore. We are staffed with highly trained and experienced professionals in both our field-based and office-based crossing services. Our field crews are equipped with the latest survey technology to ensure data collected is accurate, usable, and collected in an efficient manner.

Explore has a variety of services available including:
  • Water crossing identification

  • Pipeline water crossing design and planning

  • Water crossing inspection prioritization

  • Long-term water crossing program management

  • Full depth of cover field survey services

  • Depth of cover visual inspection services

  • Scour analysis

  • Hazard identification

  • Emergency management planning

  • High flow monitoring

  • Water crossing risk consulting

  • Water crossing related regulatory consulting

  • Hydrotechnical assessment

  • Hydrotechnical engineering

  • 3D scanning

  • Bathymetric surveys

Experience: We have been inspecting water crossings since 2008 and have completed 20,000 inspections during that 10-year period, to which many of our water crossing crews have been working on crossing inspections for at least 5 years. They have gained significant expertise in identifying information relevant to water crossings which sets them apart from land surveyors or line locators.


Safety Commitment: As our crews work in remote and dangerous terrain, we stand by a policy which does not allow working alone. Two-man crews provide assurance that an adverse event could be much better managed, than if someone was working alone. We also ensure that all field crews have SRT1 Swift Water River Rescue Technician training, so that they are ready to deal with any situation that could unfold.  


Concise & Detailed Information: We have extensive & informative deliverables compared to our competitors. We are consistently taking client, regulator, and subject expert feedback into account and modifying the information we are collecting. We also collect all the necessary information to conduct hydrology-related follow-up work to prevent the costs of future site re-visits.


Innovative & Industry-Leading Equipment: We utilize industry leading edge pipeline locating equipment, including high-powered (150W) transmitters to induce pipelines with excellent precision up to approximately 10 meters in depth. We also employ the use of two different locating units to eliminate error. We also use either leading GNSS RTK units for surveying which have sub-centimeter accuracy. For major river crossings we have a Sonar equipped riverboat which we employ as required.


Full Life-Cycle Approach to your Assets: We account for considerations related to crossings from pre-construction to end of life-cycle abandonment or removal and remediation. Our job doesn’t start and end with a single inspection, we focus on management of water crossings through the entire life of the pipeline, taking into consideration the crossings history and future.


Regulatory Compliance & Engagment: We actively engage in discussions with the AER, OGC, & SER on our client’s behalf to ensure our approaches meet their expectations. We also offer a wide array of regulatory services with our dedicated regulatory staff.


Hydrology & Engineering Integration: Having in-house pipeline integrity specialists and hydrologists, we avoid the need to acquire third party services to conduct follow-up crossing work, particularly hydrology/hydrotechnical engineering and risk determination.


Explore looks forward to working with you on your water crossing related projects. We hope to continue our role as a leader in water crossing management and commit to continue to offer the most comprehensive package of related services.

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