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Are you ready for the changes to your pipelines in Saskatchewan?

November 15, 2018


Do you have pipelines in Saskatchewan? Are you ready for the changes coming in 2019?


In Saskatchewan, flowlines are defined under the Pipeline Act as” a pipeline connecting a wellhead with an oil battery facility, a fluid injection facility or a gas compression or processing facility and includes a pipe or system of pipes for the transportation of fluids within any of those facilities”. Flowlines by definition then comprise the majority of the upstream companies’ pipelines within the province. Until quite recently, flowlines did not require licensing within Saskatchewan. In 2017 however, the Pipeline Amendment Regulations, 2017, came into effect to update the Pipeline Regulations, 2000, to make it a requirement for flowline licensing.


The Saskatchewan Ministry of Energy & Resources (ER) is currently working with input from various industry stakeholders on pipeline licensing, including conversations around flowline licensing for both retroactive licensing and new flowline application licensing. The current intent of ER is to have pipeline licensing completed through the Integrated Resource Information System (IRIS), with a target “go-live” date of July 1, 2019.


It is currently estimated that there are between 75,000 to 100,000 flowlines within the province of Saskatchewan that will require retroactive flowline licensing. Within one year of the “go-live” date in IRIS, all owners of flowlines within Saskatchewan will be required to complete the process to license all of their flowlines or complete a detailed plan and timeline for ER approval to have this work completed at an accepted target beyond the one year timeline. This is where Explore and GDM can help!


Under the gXinsight initiative, GDM can provide a GIS software platform called Converge to fully support your pipeline data inventory confirmation with the most comprehensive collection of flowline data in Saskatchewan. Explore, with personnel based in Saskatchewan and in Calgary, can provide field level to corporate level assistance in verifying your flowline data to then utilize Converge in the retroactive flowline licensing process.


Additionally, in 2019, ER will be initiating a process for the audit of selected pipeline operators within the province for compliance with CSA Z662 requirements for both a Pipeline Integrity Management Plan (IMP) and an Safety Loss Management System (SLMS). Two major components of a pipeline IMP, within a company’s SLMS, are Risk Management and Water Crossing Management. gXinsight is the solution to addressing the development or revision of what you might have in place currently, to be fully compliant with ER expectations (and the AER for those that have pipelines there as well!).


For risk management, GDM’s Converge platform can provide a risk analysis for nearly 80,000 flowlines already captured in their database in Saskatchewan (and nearly 500,000 pipelines in all of Western Canada!). Explore has pipeline integrity specialists with years of experience with upstream producers in all of the western Canadian provinces. Explore will apply risk assessment data to field level line by line reviews to then advise on recommendations that utilize the risk assessment data out of Converge to apply to your pipeline IMP on risk management strategies for all of your flowlines. Engineering Assessments can be further provided by Explore for more in-depth analysis to capture any integrity concerns for compliance with CSA Z662 requirements.


Don’t have a Pipeline IMP or SLMS in place, or not sure if you need to brush up on what you have? Explore can help with that to, whether it is to design a new program for you from the ground up, or complete gap analysis work to understand where changes are suggested, and to then identify solutions to any gaps unidentified.


For water crossing management, with GDM’s Converge platform, the Water Crossing Manager will identify and classify all of your water crossings, and assign a prioritization ranking to these pipelines. Explore is the industry leader in providing support for water crossing management, from program design, through to field inspection services of your water crossings, and then finally with support on any non-compliant crossings on scour analysis, hazard identification, flow monitoring, hydrotechnical assessments, bathymetric surveys, or engineering assessments for continued service.

Check out our website at www.exploreinc.ca and give us a call or shoot us an email today! We’d love to sit down for a coffee and “Explore” many of the different areas we could assist with your pipeline integrity programs!


Bob Prieston, P.Eng.

Manager, Asset Integrity



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